Red Knights Motorcycle Club Membership Types

Red Knights Firefighter Motorcycle Club MN8 Membership InformationActive Member
Any active or retired firefighting personnel, who holds a valid driver‘s license for motorcycles and has access to a motorcycle can be an active members in RKMC member. A firefighter belonging to a professional, work, military, airport, or volunteer fire department can be a member. EMS personnel may also be included if they are employed by a fire department.

Charter Member
This membership is granted to any member who joins a new Chapter within the first year of the Chapter’s existence.

Social Member
A sibling, spouse or partner, children aged 16 years or older, and the parents of Active members may join as social members.

Junior Member
Children of active members, up to 16 years of age, can join as a junior member.

Associate Member
Associate membership can be offered to a person who has contributed to the promotion of the Red Knights International Firefighters Motorcycle Club® Inc. for a minimum period of six (6) months. Final approval shall be by a majority vote of the Chapter members at a meeting held at the conclusion of the six-month (6) period.

Members At Large
This membership is available to anyone who qualifies as an Active member who chooses not to be a member of a Chapter.

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